¡Respondemos tus dudas!

What will happen on the first visit?

On your first visit, a detailed history will be taken by the physiotherapist by asking you different questions. This followed by a detailed examination without aggravating your symptoms. Then the final diagnosis will be made and appropriate treatment plan will be charted and properly explained to you. Greater results are achieved when physiotherapist and you work closely together towards a common goal. Too often patients seem to be spectators to their treatment and we certainly aim to avoid this.

Would the treatment be painful?

The aim of physiotherapy treatment is to relieve your symptoms and make you functionally independent. Nevertheless, sometimes the exercises can cause minor soreness. Invariably the physiotherapist would inform you the same beforehand. If you still feel discomfort beyond the threshold of your tolerance, inform the therapist in the following session. This would help us to tailor the program to you. Pain management and pain relief is our first goal.

Can I opt for a male or female physiotherapist?

Yes, you can. You just have to specify your preference at the time of booking the appointment.

What kind of clothing should I wear when I come to the physiotherapy clinic?

It depends on the patient’s comfort level. Preferably loose clothing, which should not hinder the movement and should allow examining the affected part comfortably. e.g. shorts for lower limb problems. Clothings should be comfortble enough to allow us to assess your injuries and train you for injury management. You may carry a change of clothes to the clinic and use them during the sessions.

Would my history and medical details be kept confidential?

We understand that your medical history and other details are your personal information; therefore we do not disclose the information to anyone else. Each patient has their own file of records, which only they or the treating doctor can see. In case of any need to use your information for publishing or discussion purpose, we would take your written consent.

Do you accept debit cards, credit cards and digital payments?

Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, RuPay cards and other major debit and credit cards. Digital payments like Google Pay, PayTm, PhonePay etc can also be availed.

Can I visit clinc for injury management also?

Pain management and injury management are our forte. We are commited to understand the reasons for the injury and manange them well by training you with appropriate exercises.